I’ve been a client of Sean Core CPA for 5 years. What I love about working with Sean is that not only is he knowledgeable and experienced about the intricacies of running a business and my investment properties but he also has a great personal demeanor. His firm is responsive, friendly and gives down-to-earth advice. I also love the fact that he is mobile and will invest the time to meet with us when we need the extra personal service. I am glad I found Sean years ago and will continue to recommend him to people who want a CPA who “does more than the regular CPA”
Val D, Scottsdale
Sean has been my CPA for the last 5 years now. When the IRS audited my company and sent me a letter saying I owed them $80,000.00, I went to Sean although the audit was for a few years before I met him (I had done my own taxes on Turbo Tax that year). He represented me, did some great public searches and research because my records were incomplete. By the time he was done, the IRS was cutting me a check for $1800.00. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.
I Cabrera, Owner
I highly recommend the financial consulting services of Sean Core. He's served my family well since 1999 and saved us many thousands of dollars on our tax returns based on his knowledge and creativity. Mr. Core advised us on strategies to accomplish our financial goals which saved us the most money and guided us to success. He maintains open communication and updates me with an informative monthly newsletter. His services are worth every penny and more. On a very personal note: Mr. Core has been there for me as I have had financial struggles as a single parent combined with the loss of my real estate job by providing financial advice and tax services at a monetary loss to him. His honorable character is second to none. I highly respect Sean as a person and for his financial consulting work. I urge you to give Mr. Core your business. You will thank me! Sean Core has played an important role in the growth of our businesses. His proactive approach to tax planning, attention to detail and quick responses to questions help ease many of our concerns. –
A.Condon, Owner