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Update from Sean Core CPA regarding Tax News and Impact from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) April 2020

Admin 7 April, 2020
COVID-19 tax impact

As the world is now aware, we are amid a global pandemic regarding the COVID-19 virus.  At Sean Core CPA PLLC, we understand that there is no portion of society that has not been touched by this event.  Due to the ongoing and ever-changing aspects of this healthcare crisis, our practice is making changes in […]

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Eating Up the Profits: How Recent Tax Law Changes Impact Restaurants & Saves Taxes for those “Entertaining” Professionals

Admin 16 July, 2021
Tax law changes impact on restaurants

It is no secret that the restaurant industry is a tough business. Whether they are fast-casual eateries or the purveyors of upscale gourmet fare, restaurants have a frighteningly high failure rate, and the combination of labor woes, low margins, and fickle tastes have combined to create a particularly difficult playing field. In the midst of […]

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COVID-19 is creating unusual delays for the IRS What you need to know

Admin 14 December, 2020
COVID-19 is creating unusual delays for the IRS

Coronavirus has caused delays to tax return processing as well as payment processing  The Internal Revenue Service has delayed processing payments and paper returns due to the COVID-19 lockdown that shuttered America.  People who sent tax payments to the IRS using paper checks are most affected and it will take some time for the IRS […]

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6 IRS Deductions That You Probably Forgot to Claim

Admin 16 December, 2019
6 IRS Deductions

As painful as paying your taxes can be, it’s easy to neglect to make use of possible deductions that can save your family or business taxes. The 2019 Tax Code is very long and complicated so the average person will not be able to understand all the rules and nuances. We spend days in training […]

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IRS Audits– Audit Triggers & Important FAQs to Know

IRS Audits

IRS Audits are not fun! How does the IRS decide who to audit, and who not to? The IRS is increasing automated ways to trigger audit suggestions. Discover here the 4 triggers and FAQ about IRS audits to pay attention to in 2019 You may feel triumph or relief when you send in your taxes. […]

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Do You Know the Safe Harbor Conditions of the IRC Section 199A Deduction?

IRC Section 199A Deduction

The IRS issued a notice on January 18, 2019 about specific conditions under which your rental real estate enterprise may be treated as a trade or business. This safe harbor is available to taxpayers who want to claim the section 199A deduction with respect to a rental real estate enterprise. If you can meet the […]

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