Tax and Accounting Services for AZ Real Estate Investors and AZ Real Estate Professionals

For Phoenix AZ real estate investors and other real estate professionals, handling taxes and accounting matters correctly can mean the difference between success and failure. Unless you are also a tax professional, trying to handle these matters on your own can be a mistake and can end up costing you money in the long run.

With ongoing volatility in the real estate market in Arizona and nationwide, it’s important to work with professionals who understand the business and who can help you make smart decisions. Here are some of the services Sean Core CPA PLLC offers to help real estate professionals stay on top of their tax and accounting game:

Real Estate Business Structuring Operations and Property Investments

Properly structuring your business is important for any industry, but doing so is arguably even more important for real estate investors. The real estate CPA professionals at Sean Core CPA PLLC can help you with tax strategies for real estate by providing the following services:

  • Budgeting
  • Planning
  • Reviewing the tax implications of investment decisions
  • Advising on real property acquisitions and sales, and on buying vs. renting leasing estate

Ongoing Real Estate & Property Management Business Transactions

Your real estate accounting and tax professional also has an important ongoing role in helping you with:

  • Finding and leveraging tax advantages
  • Bookkeeping – keeping track of your ongoing transactions
  • Preparing financial reports for real estate properties, including rentals, leases, sales and time-share arrangements
  • Accounting reports covering expenditures and revenue
  • Preparing income statements, and performing break-even and ratio analyses
  • Financial analysis and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) planning​

Tax Preparation and Reporting

Sean Core CPA PLLC can also play a critical role in helping you meet your business tax preparation, filing and reporting obligations. Our tax professionals are on top of the tax code and the frequent changes that can affect real estate investors and other professionals, so you don’t need to be a master of the tax code.

Tax Accountant Phoenix AZ

We will also help with your individual tax reporting. Because there is a great deal of overlap between your business and individual taxes, it just makes sense to have the same professionals handling both aspects. This can help avoid common reporting mistakes that can occur when individual and business transactions are handled by separate accounting firms.

The tax professionals at Sean Core CPA LLC also understand Arizona state and local property and sales tax issues. And, if you have property or sales tax obligations in more than one jurisdiction, we can handle those challenges for you with ease too.

Finally, if your return is selected for audit, you can count in professional representation and assistance with the audit request or interview, from start to finish.

At Sean Core CPA PLLC (conveniently located on the  Mesa/Chandler/Tempe border), we are pleased to provide experience-driven consulting and planning for realtors, rental companies, property managers, and more. Contact us if you are interested in setting up an appointment to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your tax and accounting needs, and to demonstrate how we can help you with decisions, ongoing business reporting, and tax reporting.

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